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[11 Apr 2006|09:37pm]
YEAAA BOIIII. oh baby, 4 reel.
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Shirts [09 Aug 2005|01:43pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hey guys! Who likes the new layout I made?! Ok it's more directed towards orchestra seniors but that's ok.

Alright...summer's coming to an end so we need to start thinking about shirts. I've emailed the freshmen but of course...no reply back from any of them. I have their numbers so we'll be calling them soon. I emailed Mr. D to get numbers for all the people in orchestra but he wont have them 'til the end of August. So we somehow need to get ahold of everyone. We still need colors for shirts. One for shirts and one for writing. Also, everyone's getting the same shirts now too. Senior's are going to hold off on our own shirts until probably the All Night Party. I'm leaving until Sunday for DC but when I get back we'll really start looking for a place to get shirts. So start thinking of colors pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

Hope you're all having a good summer!


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Wall [11 Jul 2005|05:49pm]

Okay...I know this will sound childish but what do you expect when I got it from a kindergarten teacher. It is similar to "Student of the Week" at Wilson but it is sooo much fun. By the way, this is an idea for the wall. Okay, we hand out already made sheets that ask the basic questions: name, class of, instruments, years played, other instruments, elementary school, and age. Then we have a list of favorites such as kool-aid, cereal, nicknames, dessert and snack. Then at the bottom, there will be a place for everyone to draw a self portrait...no matter how bad or good. Then we will glue them to construction paper and hang them on the wall for everyone to see at the dance. Comments are welcome and encouraged. TTYL, Beki
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yay picnic :) [11 Jul 2005|02:45pm]
[ mood | excited ]

hey everyone! Emily and I planned a orchestra picnic! yay!

its going to be July 24th, elizabeth park, noon...

bring some food and blankets and such..anything that you'd need at a picnic.

if you plan on coming comment :)

love you all,

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My Hand [21 Jun 2005|12:42am]

[ mood | sad ]

So...as you all know...I'm getting surgery on my hand(tomorrow...actually later today since it's after midnight). At my doctors appt earlier, I asked him if I'd for sure be able to play the violin again. He said he didn't know. What am I suposed to do if I can't play the violin anymore?! :( I haven't played in like a month and 1/2 and I'm already like dieing 'cause I want to play! I wont be able to deal with never playing again! I'm gonna have to go for therapy and stuff for awhile after I get my cast off...which wont be 'til August. So I probably wont be able to play for a good part of the 1st semester. This sucks :(


~Sam Elliott

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[20 Jun 2005|11:48pm]

i miss cello

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Orchestra News [13 Jun 2005|10:36pm]

Hey guys. We made this community to keep the orchestra updated through out the summer about shirts, sweats, sweet week, etc. Sweet week is our first full week back to school so we need to get shirts and what not ordered before school starts. This will keep us updated. Everyone needs to decide on colors. Seniors are doing our own shirts. I will still order everyone elses just decide on colors and don't fight pleeeease

Thanks guys!

~Sam Elliott
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